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Product Photography

We provide professional product photography services. Our Fort Lauderdale product photographers have over 17 years of experience. Our services will provide the attention and detail one would expect from professionals specializing in jewelry photography, fashion photography, photography for electronics and a wide variety of other retail products. You may request our free product photography with no obligation to use our services. All images shown on this website were captured for distributors, wholesalers and retailers of each respected item. We take great pride in our original production catalog images but we are not competing with creative artistic photographers who are contracted to create corporate themed looks for product launches, etc. We are strictly a production, high paced studio for online catalogs. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PRICES.


Professional lighting and creative techniques are used to enhance and create great images for even the most demanding clients. Whether you need affordable product photography or fashion photography services, we test images for your approval before any job is performed. Our attention to every detail ensures that all projects are consistently completed before proofs are published.

Closer Than Expected

YOU'RE NOT TOO FAR FOR SERVICE. Many of our clients ship directly to us for photography. When we receive shipments, we will unpack and inform you of the delivery immediately. Simply deliver your items to our location and we'll complete your job in at least 24 hours. (depending on quantity)


Commercial product photography by mail was unheard of or even imagined just 8 short years ago. With the new world of telecommuters (people working remotely) it is becoming the most cost effective way for both the professional service provider and businesses which are looking to save on expenses by hiring remotely at a much lower rate than contacting larger local firms. Commercial product photography via UPS or FEDEX is becoming mainstream as companies build relationships with professional photographers who now make a living by offering repeated volume services instead of looking for individual large projects. The quality is the same but the costs are significantly lower.


Are you looking for product photography for jewelry, electronics, hats, fashion, eyeware and machine parts? These are just a few terms others search for. Professional product photographers are here to professionally provide quality images which assists businesses to generate sales. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding the services listed.

Our Promise

Everyone is aware that creative professionals work on a timed fee or cost per project basis. Our philosophy is slightly different. When building relationships (especially with new clients) we strive to go above and beyond what is necessary to satisfy all who hire us. There is a learning curve with a small percentage of clients. The learning curve sometimes forces us (photographers) to spend extra time experimenting with a new product to complete a project. Experimenting is absolutely necessary to remain successful and hone our skills. Our promise: If we do not initially produce the type of imagery that is demanded by any client, we will re-photograph the entire project at our expense. According to our philosophy, no project will leave our premises unless all clients are satisfied.

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